Instagram Network

Why Instagram?

If you want to drive traffic to your sites, blogs, stores, YouTube channels or businesses, use Instagram. Marketing on Facebook and Twitter is dead as organic reach in those platforms continues to rapidly decline.

For example, for Facebook pages, you can expect to have an average of 10% organic reach and that number get lower the bigger your account grows. Sucks right?

That’s the beauty of Instagram. It’s the social media platform with the highest organic reach. It beats Facebook and Twitter by a bit. And by a bit I mean a f*ck ton.

A study done by Forrester shows that Instagram posts have 58x more engagement per follower than facebook and 120x more engagement than Twitter.

So yeah…. Use Instagram.

Now that you’ve decided that Instagram is right for you, it’s time to get some followers.

Common Methods


Over the years, there have been tons of methods to gain followers. Most by using bots. Here’s some to list a few:

  • Follow/Unfollow
  • One worded/emoji comments
  • Mass liking photos
  • Mass mentions in captions
  • Spam mentions in comments

These still work but it isn’t as effective, it can ruin your reputation and the quality of followers you’ll gain from these are low. By low quality followers, I mean followers that don’t give quality engagement. Quality engagement plays a major role in gaining tons of organic reach.

A better method than this are shoutouts. There are two types:

  • Shout for Shout
  • Paid Shoutouts

Shout for shout is basically just that. Contact a user with a similar audience and follower count and shout each other out. You won’t gain followers as fast as a paid shoutout but hey.. it’s free!

A paid shoutout again is basically just that. You pay a large account to give you a shoutout. This is a rapid way to gain new followers but it can get expensive. You can be looking at spending $50 – $1000 per post depending on the account.

Shoutouts are so effective because a trustworthy account is promoting you, meaning that people are more receptive to check out your account and follow you granted that you actually have great content. These are the type of people who are active on Instagram and who you want following your account

A Better Method


While shoutouts are a great way to get followers, it’s usually only just a temporary spike. Once the shoutout is over, that’s it. You’ll have to do another shoutout or buy another one to gain new followers because your organic reach will still be relatively the same.

For an analogy, it’s like paid ads vs SEO.

The thing that will get you the most amount of good quality followers and a huge organic reach is getting on the explore page. It’s free, you don’t have to clutter up your page’s feed with shoutout posts and you get an insane amount of potential new followers.

Sounds good right? Well here’s the catch. It’s hard to get on there. The main factor to get on there used to be having tons of likes and comments. You could buy fake likes whenever you post and get on the explore page.

That isn’t the case anymore thanks to Instagram’s forever evolving algorithm. What matters now is where the likes and comments are coming from. It is still a numbers game but with the added quality factor.

The reason why you want highly engaged followers is to significantly increase your chance to getting on the explore page. Low quality engagement won’t get you there.


Our Role

Getting on the explore page is extremely hard to do. It’s almost near impossible if you have a small following, but that’s where we come in.

We are constantly building networks to significantly increase your chances of getting a new post on the explore page. Our network consists only of accounts with high quality engagements that will increase your organic reach resulting in rapid growth.

Apart from that, we are also testing other new methods

If you want to join our network and learn our methods, fill in the form below.